NEW SERVICE: identification of any new model in erotic or escort

Gain access to a database of over 5000 professional models in Europe. Check individual monitoring model of interest, compromising the removal from the Internet, dating models.
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NEW SERVICE: identification of any new model in erotic or escort

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NEW SERVICE: identification of any new model in erotic or escort

Make an order, pay an advance of 100 $, give a link to the photo or the photo of the model itself and receive within a week its identification, contact details, monitoring of filming in erotica, porn or participation in an escort.
The total cost of identifying the model is 500 $, 400 $ You pay extra when confirming the fact of identification from administrator Shock Models. In case of impossibility of identification, you receive a full report on the model, if you wish - the publication of its topic in the section "Identification contest" and in the form of compensation - VIP access to Shock Models closed sections for a month.

Order individual monitoring on a separate model and check your wife, bride or just the girl you like - a model in eroticism or escort for "skeletons in the closet." To all who made such an order - as a gift Shock Models will give a reservation of this topic for a year.
Thus, even in the presence of compromising material, we will monitor that none of the third parties disseminated it on our websites.
The cost of this service is 500 $, however you will receive it as a gift!

When monitoring, you will receive a detailed report by e-mail or in private forum messages.
The cost of individual monitoring of the model, the topic of which is not in the closed sections New Plus Shock Models - 500 $.

ATTENTION! This cost is only for models that are not yet available in the search for a site at the time the monitoring order is ordered.
Search this site: /forum/search.php
Check your favorite model, if it already exists on the Shock Models, its monitoring with the report will cost only 100 $.
More information about the price for the services of the site: /forum/viewtopic.php?t=13674

Your Lily.


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